Child Support

Child Support Issues

California state law requires every parent to support his or her child financially. Unfortunately, in a divorce, this responsibility is often the biggest cause of disagreement between couples with children.

California has an established formula for calculating how much a parent must pay towards his or her child’s living expenses such as food and clothing. Some of the factors the Court uses to determine the appropriate calculation are as follows:

  • The income or potential income of each parent
  • The time each parent spends with the child(ren)/custody arrangements
  • The health insurance expenses of both parents
  • The tax filing status of each parent
  • The number of children
  • Support for children from other relationships

Although the courts are hesitant to depart from these guidelines, a parent’s unique situation may influence the amount, such as a child’s disability or other special needs. Parents may also agree on a support amount or support period subject to court approval.

A court may grant child support to either parent of a child, or to a third party with legal or physical custody of the child. Basic child support is paid monthly, usually until the child is 18 or otherwise still qualifies for support. There are also additional child support orders which can be requested for items such as daycare payments and uncovered medical costs.

Christine McClane Tesi understands the guidelines related to child support as well as your options, and has the knowledge and experience to help ensure you receive the amount of child support required under the law. Additionally, if you find the need to modify a child support order or enforce it against a parent who is unwilling or unable to pay, Ms. Tesi can assist you.

If you are the payor, sometimes you are paying too much and it’s necessary to file for an adjustment downward. Whatever your situation, Ms. Tesi will fight to get you an order in your favor. Contact Christine McClane Tesi to discuss how she can help protect both your rights, as well as those of your child. Call today to schedule a consultation or use our Contact page to email us.

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