Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders

Domestic Violence –

Obtaining Restraining Orders

When a party feels that their safety is threatened by a family member, significant other, spouse, or another party with whom they have had a relationship, whether involved in a dissolution proceeding or not, a request for a domestic violence restraining order (DVRO) may be necessary to obtain against the abuser.

A DVRO, which can be requested for temporary or long-term periods of time are sometimes necessary during a divorce and sometimes they are necessary to begin the divorce process (for one person to be able to leave the home with the protection they need to be safe and have an “exit strategy”).

If you feel threatened and fear for your safety and/or that of your children, Christine McClane Tesi can help determine if your circumstances qualify for a DVRO and guide you through the process to get the protection you need.

Ms. Tesi recognizes that domestic violence occurs in many different forms and works with each client to address the issues in his or her unique situation. Whether you need immediate help obtaining a Temporary (ex parte) Restraining Order or an advocate for a more permanent DVRO in court, Ms. Tesi has the knowledge and experience necessary to get help under the law.

Defending Against Restraining Orders

Christine McClane Tesi can also help if you’ve been served with a restraining order by the opposing party. Often, in divorce, one party tries to use the restraining order process to gain a custody advantage against the other and it is important to provide correct evidence to the Court so you do not wrongly have a restraining order issued against you.

Ms. Tesi has defended hundreds of litigants for purposes of getting restraining orders issued. She has also aggressively defended clients against wrongly filed restraining order requests. If a domestic violence filing has been served against you or if you believe you need the protection of a domestic violence restraining order, Christine McClane Tesi can help.

Civil Litigation –

The need for restraining orders also arises in situations wherein the parties do not have a romantic or family relationship of any kind, such as neighbor disputes, co-worker disputes and other types of non-related persons. Christine McClane Tesi also handles restraining order matters in the civil Court. Call today to schedule a consultation or use our Contact page to email us.

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